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Site Playground Development:


Construction Fencing Rental




Playground Installations


Surfacing Installation (Playturf Rubber/ Infinity Turf/ EWF)


Concrete Work


Eco-Tread Pathway


Eco-Fill Pothole Repair


GPI is a diverse combination of people with one common goal... Make playgrounds fun for every ABILITY to enjoy!



Curtis is the COO & Director of Play, and takes that role very seriously. He ensures that all playgrounds from GPI are both safe & secure, as well as truly "kid tested". Exceeding safety standards is a top priority.


 Angela is the CEO & Director of Sales/Admin, although she does a lot more. She has her finger on the pulse of almost all aspects of the company to ensure efficiency and creativity are at their highest. She will even throw on her steel toed boots and help in the field when an extra hand is needed!


No company can excel without a stellar crew and GPI has one of the best! Having installers who make this their career vs. just a job, only solidifies the commitment they have to a playground's safety.


GPI goes above and beyond to ensure FUN is being had by all.


This is why we have earned the reputation of the

"Masters of Play".

"Great things in business are never done by one person"

                         - Steve Jobs